How to study Microbiology in MBBS Second year?

Second professional is long and exams would feel tough as the syllabus is MIGHTY, but everything would be good at the end. Also, do not forget to enjoy. The memories you would make in Second year are the things you are going to cherish forever.

Second year of MBBS is the year you spend in college when you have settled well at the new place with the new people but not able to settle with the course pressure as it just gets ampliflied as compared to the previous year.

It has seen major reforms though in terms of the number of subjects and duration.
You can check out the new Curriculum by clicking here.

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Individual Subject Guidance :

According to the new curriculum from Batch 2019, the second year has now 3 Subjects, Pathology, Pharmacology and Microbiology.

Forensic Medicine has been moved to MBBS third year Part 1.

Why is Medical Microbiology important?

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Medical Microbiology is a ‘living’ subject. It tells you about the various pathogens that can affect your future patients or your loved ones. Microbiology gives you the knowledge you will need to take crucial clinical decisions in the future. It is the solid foundation you need to understand infectious diseases. Infectious diseases are one of the commonest reasons people will consult you for advice in your future.

How to study Microbiology?

Micorbiology includes immunology, general microbiology, bacteriology, parasitolgy, mycology, virology and clinical microbiology!

Too many sub-divisions!

Microbiology has more facts to remember than concepts to understand.

Objectives :

  • University exams are one key objective to be kept in mind which then translates to more focus on previous year questions.
  • Postgraduate entrances, be it NEET-PG, AIIMS PG, JIPMER PG, PGIMER or USMLE, a sense of familiarity with pattern of questions / topics routinely tested in these exams is needed.
  • Application to patient care —- Although this subject may not sound that clinical an area having direct application to patient care, a good idea of routine clinical tests / common bugs can go a long way in making one a better doctor.

Books Recommended according to difficulty level :

  1. Ananthnarayana & Paniker’s Microbiology : This is known to be the standard book of Microbiology. Microbiology is often read before exams only and so this book doesn’t come in much use in that scenario. As like other standard books, follow this book from the start of the semester.
  2. Chatterjee’s Parasitology : Kinda standard book for Parasitology. The contents given are too vast and not at all recommended for Pre exam study. You may like this in the initial days but so much of nonsense you are going to find later on.
  3. Medical Parasitology by Arora: breaking away from orthodox teaching, Arora is simpler to read and assimilate compared to Paniker, which I felt is a complete nightmare. The images are better, easier to reproduce.
  4. Baveja’s Microbiology & Parasitology: Well Well Well, this is the book that you will need when the exams has arrived and you are out of time to read anything new. However, I found Ananthnarayan time consuming to read, hard to revise, retain and reproduce which very comfortably violates all of our learning objectives. This should be your workhorse book—— read, revise and add notes if needed from other resources to this.
  5. Apurba Sastry’s Microbiology: I was a bit late when I got to know about this book. It will come very handy in terms of Pre Exam Preparation as well as for solving MCQs.
  6. Sketchy Microbiology videos: Amazing interactive videos for conceptual understanding. Do give it a check.

Basic tips to make Microbiology easier :

  1. Listen to lectures, highlight in Baveja and revise the key points you marked out. No one can read the whole deal.
  2. Don’t neglect Virology and Mycology as they are extremely high yield.
  3. Personally I would suggest to not waste valuable time with Ananthnarayan.
  4. Making Hand written notes by yourself helps you no matter what.
  5. Follow Apurba Sastry’s book for learning LAB DIAGNOSIS.
  6. Biochemical reactions except few important ones are usually not expected from an MBBS student I would suggest you not to stress on them.
  7. Again general microbiology, immunology , general virology and general part of parasitology is really important – even if u read these unit/chapters once or twice with good concentration , it will be very much easy for you to excel.
  8. Dont forget to check out previous year University papers to excel in Professional exams.
  9. Stick to your seniors and get important topics highlighted.

Second professional is long and exams would feel tough as the syllabus is MIGHTY, but everything would be good at the end. Also, do not forget to enjoy. The memories you would make in Second year are the things you are going to cherish forever.

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