MBBS UGStudy StrategyHow to study Pathology in MBBS Second year?

How to study Pathology in MBBS Second year?

Second professional is long and exams would feel tough as the syllabus is MIGHTY, but everything would be good at the end. Also, do not forget to enjoy. The memories you would make in Second year are the things you are going to cherish forever.

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Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection can be very well applied to Medical stream as the one who is fiitest to cope up with such enormous amount of inhumane pressures survive. It was not to scare you but to make you alert for what’s coming.

Second year of MBBS is the year you spend in college when you have settled well at the new place with the new people but not able to settle with the course pressure as it just gets ampliflied as compared to the previous year.

It has seen major reforms though in terms of the number of subjects and duration.
You can check out the new Curriculum by clicking here.

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Mistakes to avoid in MBBS Second year :

First of all, Second professional is not honeymoon period. Its better you understand this early.

  1. Wrong selection of books: Dont be hasty while buying the book. Wait for a week or more, consult with other students and especially seniors and try to select and follow Standard books only. Below in the article you will find about the books to follow. Keep this in mind that whichever book you buy and start reading and highlighting, you will have to use the same in future too.
  2. Not touching the books in initial months: Before the curriculum changed and second year had 3 semesters, first semester was called as ‘Honeymoon semester.’ Students usually didnt dare touch books for a whole semester and used to regret in later months. Though the new curriculum has shortened the duration by 1 semester, student are going to avoid studying and thats probably not good.
  3. PG preperations: Many students start PG Preparation and get so serious that they prioritize it above their MBBS Second year course. Though its recomended to start PG preparation from this time only but with maintaining balance with second year course being the first priority.
  4. Clinical postings: I was one of those fools who was too irregular in attending clinical postings. You can be a doctor anyway but attending postings are of utmost importance if you want to be a Good Doctor. You need to run behind seniors and actively participate in postings because teachers wont be going to teach you much actively considering you as a novice.
  5. For the nerds especially, dont stay stuck inside the books. Do make memories as the future is going to be more harsh and these are the memories you are going to cherish in the coming future.

Individual Subject Guidance :

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According to the new curriculum from Batch 2019, the second year has now 3 Subjects, Pathology, Pharmacology and Microbiology.

Forensic Medicine has been moved to MBBS third year Part 1.

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How to study Pathology?

Pathology is the king of 2nd professional subjects. Not denying this fact, Pathology is the base for your future. Whatever you want to pursue, knowledge of pathology is a must!
Especially for studying medicine, knowledge of Pathology with Physiology is of utmost importance.

Books Recommended according to difficulty level :

  1. Robbins Basis of Pathology :
    As always said, always read standard books and this is the standard book for Pathology. I can’t stress enough the importance of Robbins but it’s an amazing book. Must study this if you have got ample amount of time before your exams start. The first 7 chapters have got an A-Level importance. Not recommended for pre-exam preparation.
  2. Harshmohan Textbook of Pathology: This is the most famous and most read book of Pathology among medical students. The concepts are balanced with concised contents to study for exams. Analogous to AK Jain Physiology and Vasudevan Biochemistry in terms of importance. Recommend to students who are not able to sync with the language and content pattern of Robbin’s Pathology.
  3. Ramdas Nayak’s Pathology: So now, exams are in 2-3 weeks and you haven’t studied much and having a panic attack now. Then this book turns out to be a saviour. The contents are very concise. Its good for a fast revision too and isn’t only to mug up. Reommended for rapid revision or Pre exam study.
  4. Geetika Khanna’s concise Pathology: The contents are given in a QnA format. Recommended when its exam time and mugging up is the only thing you can do in remaining time.
  5. Sparsh Gupta’s/Devesh Mishra’s Review book: Good for rapid revision, solving MCQs and follow up after watching the their video lectures.

Basic tips to make Pathology easier :

  • Make notes from 2–3 books and make your own answers.
  • Make your own flowcharts and draw as many as possible in your theory exams.
  • Do solve previous year University papers to prepare well for your professional exams.
  • Most Important : Stay in touch with your Seniors & get important topics marked in your textbook to be safe from Pre exam Hassle.
  • Follow standard books if you can.
  • Take help of Video Lectures. There are a bunch of good ones available now.
  • Do read first 7 chapters of Robbin’s Pathology.
  • Integrate with Pharmacology and Physiology.
  • Remember, if you want to be a good doctor and ace in Medicne in Final year, you need to start studying pathology from the start of semester and atleast revise it one more time.
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