MBBS UGStudy StrategyHow to study Pharmacology in MBBS Second year?

How to study Pharmacology in MBBS Second year?

Second professional is long and exams would feel tough as the syllabus is MIGHTY, but everything would be good at the end. Also, do not forget to enjoy. The memories you would make in Second year are the things you are going to cherish forever.

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Second year of MBBS is the year you spend in college when you have settled well at the new place with the new people but not able to settle with the course pressure as it just gets ampliflied as compared to the previous year.

It has seen major reforms though in terms of the number of subjects and duration.
You can check out the new Curriculum by clicking here.

2nd year subjects are a base for the Clinical subjects. Plus, you’ll have your clinical postings in the morning. This will be the first time when you come across patients and with stethoscope around your neck, you’ll feel like being a real Doctor.

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Individual Subject Guidance :

According to the new curriculum from Batch 2019, the second year has now 3 Subjects, Pathology, Pharmacology and Microbiology.

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Forensic Medicine has been moved to MBBS third year Part 1.

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How to study Pharmacology?

 Pharmacology. A subject which still haunts me in my sleep!

It’s one of the most volatile subject you’ll encounter in MBBS. Read one classification of drugs and while reading the other, you’ll forget the previous one.

What not to do while reading Pharmacology?

  1. Reading heavy books with multiple references to various studies which do not translate to any clinical application is again a disaster.
  2. Remembering only nausea and vomiting as side effects of all drugs and forgetting the specific ones.
  3. Spending a lot of time trying to remember doses of un-important drugs.
  4. Relying heavily on books leaving out other resources like videos / flowcharts etc.
  5. Undirected learning without any clue as to what is the goal of reading a particular piece of literature is an absolute waste of time.

Books Recommended according to difficulty level :

  1. Katzung’s Pharmacology : A good book for reference bor personally I wouldn’t suggest unless you want to build a very strong concept in Pharmacology and not caring for examinations. I personally found it absolute waste of time and energy, completely useless for a medical student in his initial years of training.
  2. Goodman & Gilman’s Pharmacology : You can read this if you are an over enthusiastic student and always want to take things a little further and to live life off the edge. Personally, I would suggest to just use it for reference or if you want to do a PHD in Pharmacology.
  3. KD Tripathi’s essentials of Pharmacology : This is the standard book for Pharmacology used all over the country. This is the single most useful resource for studying pharma in MBBS Second year. No non sense & most topics are straight to the point. Must read book for Pharmacology.
  4. Sharma & Sharma Pharmacology : Personally, I haven’t read this book but according to the review I have got from friends,students & experience, this book gets this postion in order of difficulty level.
  5. Shanbhag Pharmacology: The most loved book of Pharmacology by Medical students when it comes to Pre exam Preparation. The concise contents & orderly manner makes it easy to revise the topics. Only read it for revision or when you want to study for exam only.
  6. Review of Pharmacology (PGMEE) by Gobind Rai Garg : Use this book Medical Entrance preparation. Found it quite useful and covered most of the previous questions from reputed exams. Use this book to test your understanding of the subject once you finish the KDT and lectures by Dr. Garg.
  7. Conceptual Review of Pharmacology by Ranjan Kumar Patel : Another excellent MCQ book on Pharma. Choose either this or Dr. Garg’s Pharmacology review book and stick to it.

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Basic Tips to make Pharmacology easier :

  • Use only one standard textbook.

I used KD Tripathi. It’s an excellent book for Indian set-up and will carry you well in long run.

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You might want to use Lippincott for Mechanism of Actions (MOA’s) of drugs only if you’re confused in. Do not buy it, refer it from college library, make notes and stick/pin it in your book.

  • Make crisp notes.

Hands down, write notes. You are not required to write word by word answers, but when you’ll learn all those different drugs and when you start co-relating, you’ll end up getting frustrated.

For Example, write notes in this order :

  1. Classification.
  2. Mechanism of Action. (use flowcharts)
  3. Uses/indications.
  4. Side effects.
  5. Contraindications.
  6. Interactions. (Usually ignored)
  • For the ones who can’t make notes:

If you really can’t study while making notes, you can opt to read and revise directly from textbook. Use colourpens to highlight important points. Use bookmarks wherever necessary. Revise regularly and you’ll be good to go.

  • Multiple revisions.

You have other 3 subjects to study too, but you still have to take at least 1 hour to revise the topic.

Believe me, it’ll become really easy if you have those notes in front of you and you can go through with ease.

  • Quizzing each other.

You can read certain topics and ask one liners to your friends (or study buddies).

Not only will this help in remembering drugs but you’ll get be confident during your viva.

Majority of the best known doctors are not because of the distinction. And not even a handful of distinction holders have become famous doctors, Medical teachers or researchers with any prize worth a mention.

Better concentrate on observing and following the good features of your teachers. Be a good doctor sought after by patients. Serve the people and gain satisfaction of fulfilling your profession’s goal. Always remember and follow the path and live ethical life.

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Abhinav is currently working as an Intern doctor. Being an avid reader by day and a freelance writer by night, he has been much active among medical students since past few years. Support him on his journey of being a Medical Influencer.

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