I had lost my all hopes & then, my stars aligned!

Unlike most stories I’m going to tell you the conclusion in the very first paragraph since I know that you are here for some motivation so I’d rather not start out on a depressing note.

I am a student at a Government Medical College in which I got admission through All India Quota against all odds!

So I believe the journey begins like any stereotypical one that you’ve heard before. I had a dream once of being a doctor and maybe I wasn’t so sure about it 10 years later when I was in a coaching institute.

For everyone who thought cloning humans wasn’t possible, let me tell you, all the 80 students in my class had more in common than most identical twins end up having.All dreaming of the same things. But from that point forward, after the very first day, we all had our own separate journeys.

Now I wouldn’t want to bore you with all the details of coaching for we all know what it’s like. Some people break sooner than others. Some are stronger than ever but on the inside even they are holding on by a thread.

I thought I was in the stronger group honestly, but the results of my first attempt at NEET wouldn’t agree I believe. 

I had the 95th percentile which sounds amazing right, but for us who have seen the realities of this brutal examination know that it was barely average.

And somehow, even after all the trauma, the wailing and the nightmares, somehow that single thread held strong. And that’s how I knew it wasn’t going to be a dream anymore. It will be my reality.

I will admit, the confidence that soared high at first didn’t age so well over a course of 6 rocky months of seeing my friends join various colleges of their liking and posting pictures on instagram.

In those times I realized that the conventional methods of deactivating and detoxing my socials and living in denial like my family suggested probably wasn’t right.

So first things first I had to admit to myself :

This isn’t the worst situation. Because lets be real, I was in the comfort of my bed everyday and my home provided me a comfortable environment to succeed.

But the monotonous routine will definitely be the death of me. Also Sulking about not succeeding in the past isn’t making things any better.

So I stopped that by reconnecting with the friends I envied, got inspiration, joined a crash course which was like a support group of people who welcomed me and shared similar journeys. But this time, things happened so fast that I had no time to lose momentum.

And through the practice tests I’ll admit some scores made me cry on the car ride back home from the test centre and some rejuvenated me.

But finally I was there in front of my doom. It gave me a tingling sensation in my nerves but somehow it drove me.

It’s as if the adrenaline made the 3 hours just fly past me and it was over.

That night I calculated the score, which according to statistics suggested I would get in the top colleges of my state but unfortunately, it was quite misleading since the question paper was set easy, which meant soaring cut off scores.

I had lost all hope after the result. Even 99.1 percentile was not good enough, I thought.

But somehow, that day of the second counseling results, 17th July 2019, must have been the day all my stars aligned and I was one of the last people to get a Government medical seat through all India quota.

There is something that a teacher told us on our first day :

This place may not have been your first choice but somehow it has chosen you, So the least you can do is make the best of it.


It was true. I was not in the place I imagined myself being on the day I walked out of that exam hall.

But then I realised that I was in a much better place than I imagined being in when I walked out of the exam hall a year ago.

So I guess all I can tell you is, leave nothing short in your efforts but the moment you exit the hall, leave it all behind.

What is meant for you will open its doors and welcome you with open arms.

All the best!

A Doctor-To-be


  1. I have seen the struggle that you’ve gone through and honestly, it would have broken most of us but it was your determination that kept you up at night and made you work so hard. We can see the result now! And I might have never said this but I am so so proud of you and your success. It inspires me every time I think of it.


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